About company

1. Development company

Real estate agency AZPO Properties was originally founded as a sales office for a construction company to increase sales and expand services.

Successful activity over several years has led to the following results:

One of the largest real estate sales companies on the Turkish coast.

Highly qualified staff.

2. At your service:

A large selection of real estate from under construction to secondary housing. Selection of options for your request and display of objects from Alanya to Istanbul within one company.

The possibility of payment by installments and exclusive discounts.

Registration of a mortgage in Turkey.

Guarantees of the purity of the transaction. Protecting your interests and ensuring reliability throughout the entire purchase and checkout process.

Assistance in obtaining a residence permit and its extension. Opening and running a business (firm).

After-sales service of our company will help to solve all current issues

2. AZPO Properties

A developer in Turkey and a real estate agency with a high level of construction, a large selection of objects and decent service. The company's management does not hide its interest in the process of increasing turnover and is recognized as an authoritative leader in Turkish real estate sales.

We guarantee our clients full legal protection. At the service of clients:

  • a large selection of Turkish real estate on a Russian - language site;
  • registration of ownership;
  • Residence permit;
  • professional advice on legal, accounting and insurance issues;
  • registration of a mortgage loan;
  • interest-free installments from developers.

The advantage of our clients is the ability to contact AZPO Properties at any time and receive competent professional advice on all issues.

Company advantages

Over 2000 objects in the database

Choose from the catalog a cozy apartment for permanent residence or renting out. Luxurious dream villa by the sea. Commercial real estate with guaranteed income for passive income or starting your own business in Turkey.

We will select for you the best offers on the real estate market, which will suit you in all respects.

Direct sale from the owner

For many years we have been building residential complexes of various levels of comfort, as well as working directly with the owners and the best developers in Turkey.

You can buy housing not only with a mortgage loan, but also with an interest-free payment by installments

Guaranteed security

Our legal department is involved in each transaction, therefore, you do not need to worry about the legal purity of the object. Our company has all the necessary licenses and certificates to conduct real estate activities in Turkey.

Free orientation tour

We offer each client who wants to buy real estate in Turkey to familiarize themselves with the object - transfer from / to the airport, payment for accommodation in luxury apartments and a city tour we undertake. Enjoy the atmosphere and the best deals.

More than 15 years in the Turkish real estate market.

We know about all the nuances of completing a transaction in Turkey, we help with issues, both before the sale and after receiving the TAPU. We are proud that over the years we have helped over 500 families to move to this beautiful country by the sea.

Company details:

Company name:

Legal address:
Cumhuriyet Mah, Ahmet Tokus Bulvarı, Fuat Salur Apt. No:149A, Alanya/Antalya

INN of the company: 0680769708



Account number: 571 ALANYA / ANTALYA

IBAN € : TR12 0001 2009 5710 0058 0010 96

Company documents:

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How we work

Processing and selection of real estate according to the specified criteria by our experts.

Meeting at the airport and settling in our apartments or hotel of your choice.

Familiarization with the city and districts, viewing real estate.

Signing the contract.

Registration of TAPU and all related documents

Key transfer.

Full consultation on life in Turkey.

After-sales service.

Any other questions?