Utility bills in Turkey

Contents of the complex (in Turkish “aydat”). Includes: cleaning of the territory, maintenance of the pool, maintenance of the elevator, electricity and water for the use of common areas, salary and insurance of the gatekeeper, security guard, etc. The entire cost is divided by the number of apartments in the residential complex. Can range from 250 € to 1500 € per apartment per year.

The electricity tariffs are the same throughout Turkey, which have been regulated since 2015. by AKDENIZ CLK ELEKTRIK

Water supply.
In Turkey, there are two systems of payment for water supply – payment by the meter, that is, upon consumption, and depending on the amount loaded, the card system. The water card is replenished in the municipality, after which the amount is read from it to the meter, which determines the corresponding number of m3 ready for use. The payment system depends on the type of installed meter.

There are two ways to connect to the Internet:
*Via a landline telephone (ADSL-broadband leased line).
*By means of a mobile phone
Some residential complexes have wireless internet.

Telephone communications.
Landline phone. Phone connection is free, subscription fee for 2020. is 4-6 €.
Cellular. The cellular communications market is shared by the three largest operators – Turkcell, Vodafon, Avea. Each network has good coverage and good quality of service.
The SIM card is active for 180 days from the date of replenishment of the balance, then, if the balance is not replenished, only incoming calls are active for another 90 days, after which the card will be completely canceled.