Answers to popular questions

What is TAPU?

This is a document confirming the ownership of real estate. The TAPU contains information about the owner, a photograph, information about the location of the object, its cadastral number, etc.

What is the property tax in Turkey?

Every year, twice a year, the owners pay 0.1-0.2% of the value of the villa or apartment and 0.2-0.4% of the value of a commercial property. The tax rate is influenced by both the type of real estate and its location (in large cities – Antalya, Izmir, Istanbul and others – the tax is higher). Upon purchase, a 4% TAPU tax is paid.

How much does property cost in Turkey?

Depends on the type of object and location. Contact our manager, we will tell you in detail. Istanbul and Izmir are some of the most expensive cities, followed by popular resorts – Antalya and Kemer, but real estate in Alanya is one of the cheapest in the country. But the cost also depends on other factors:

  • floor – the lower, the cheaper;
  • view from the window and distance from the sea;
  • infrastructure development;
  • quality of finishing, etc.

Ask us your question in the chat, and we will select a property for your wishes.

Is it true that Alanya has the cheapest real estate?

Depends on what kind of property you are considering. In general, if we compare absolutely identical objects, then yes, in Alanya the cost will be lower.

Is a residence permit issued when buying real estate?

Yes. You will need to submit an application form with a photo, a copy of your passport and TAPU, a certificate of income. Usually, a residence permit is issued for one year with the possibility of renewal. Contact us, we will help with registration.

Can the buyer’s relatives obtain a residence permit?

Yes, in Turkey, a residence permit is issued to the parents, spouse and children of the property owner. The main thing is to confirm the relationship.

What is Aydat?

This is a monthly payment for the maintenance of the residential complex, which is paid by any owner of the apartment. From this amount, money is allocated for cleaning the territory, salary for the guard, maintenance of the pool, etc.

What is included in the orientation tour?

We offer this service to all potential home buyers in Turkey. It includes: flight, transfer, accommodation in an apartment or hotel, display of real estate objects and a tour of the area.

Can a foreign citizen take out a mortgage in Turkey?

Yes it is possible. You can read about the conditions here.

Are there any restrictions for foreign citizens when buying real estate?

Foreign citizens in Turkey can buy any residential and commercial property located outside the countryside and security zones. When buying land plots there is a limit on the area – no more than 30 hectares.

Do I have to pay insurance?

Every owner of real estate in Turkey is obliged to issue a DASK policy, its cost is about 40 euros per year for 1 + 1 apartments. Compulsory insurance protects against natural disasters. But you can not issue additional insurance against theft, flooding and other situations.

How quickly after purchasing an apartment can I rent it out?

Real estate can be rented out immediately. But it is worth remembering that according to the new law, only companies can rent out housing for a short period. We are ready to take on both the issues of finding tenants and taking care of the maintenance of your property throughout the year

What do the numbers in the ads for the sale and rent of apartments mean?

The numbers indicate the number of rooms. The first is the number of bedrooms. Thus, the apartment 2 + 1 will consist of two bedrooms and one living room.

Which is better to buy: finished or under construction real estate?

Each option has its own pros and cons. Real estate under construction will cost you 20-50% cheaper, and the finished object can be immediately rented out, making a profit. Tell us about the purpose of the purchase and your budget, we will suggest the best solution in your case.

Why does the real area of the apartment not correspond to that indicated in the TAPU?

The certificate indicates the area owned by the owner, and this is not only the apartment itself, but also part of the flights of stairs and other public premises. That is why the area in TAPU is larger than the area of the acquired housing.